About Sambodhi Retreat

Sambodhi Retreat is one of the most beautiful and Luxurious Resort in East India.Imagine you & your partner got a heaven on this earth, a heaven, which would not only provide you luxury accommodation, it would also provide you a unique natural experience for the self realizations & integrate you withthe physical as well as spiritual world.
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Sambodhi Retreat is owned by Technoculture Building Centre Private Ltd. Sambodhi Retreat was incorporated on 21st March, 2010 in the State of Bihar at Bodhgaya by Mr. Vinay Tiwari and his associates with the main object of setting up and running of Luxurious Resort , hotels and related businesses.And within 4 years we are opening our new Resort at Dhanbad also.
Technoculture Building Centre Private Limited is engaged in the construction business and its activities is broadly categorized into.
  1. Construction Of Townships at an affordable rate which is within the reach of Middle class Families.
  2. Management of hotels owned by the company
  3. Biotechnology Farming
  4. Advertising

The TBCPL company positions in the mid to upmarket category of construction business. In addition, the Company consciously follows the policy of environment conservation in the operation of its hotels in all aspects viz. design, construction and operations. This environment positioning gives a dual advantage to the Company in terms of marketing & visibility coupled with lower cost of operations.

At Sambodhi Retreat thousands of people can visit this luxurious resort. A very comfortable paradise where you can stay a long time with delicious food, with plenty of meditation spaces, you can even experience Ayurveda & Yoga. The entire atmosphere is really like a fairly tale. A paradise where all your emotional, bodily and spiritual needs are met. it is essential that you to visit our resort for few days & and understand the real meaning of naturalism.